Wow! What an absolute treat to have April come into my home and help organize things. She is fantastic. I have multiple businesses, kids, work in and out of my home and a very busy life. It's always a funny feeling to have someone else come in, go through all of your personal and/or professional things and help you try to figure out where to put it all. She is GREAT at it. Within just a couple of days, she had solved problems of organizing my files, desk, folders and jewelry that I hadn't been able to organize in years. I had even hired another organizer to help with my closet and jewelry a couple years ago, and it never got completed. April did it! She is a master-mind and I think everyone needs a dose of her mind and ability to organize in their life. My home, my business, my closet and my life feel so much easier now! 

Kelsey J Patel  -  LA's Premier Reiki and Wellness Coach, Owner of Pure Barre Beverly Hills & Co-owner of Pure Barre Woodland Hills, lululemon Ambassador, Nominated as one of 30 Top Dynamic Women of Los Angeles by Angeleno Magazine in 2015.

I highly recommend April for your organizing needs. April is always prompt for appointments, acts very professionally, performs admirably and efficiently and can be trusted with any task. She has a great personality and is very congenial. We have worked together for almost two years and she has helped clean out my office, files, and created new systems. April and True Organizing are the real deal – a first class effective organizing machine!

Mark Zakowski MD

Hiring April is one of the best choices I have ever made! Feeling self-conscious about the clutter in my home, I kept procrastinating hiring somebody, hoping to make it presentable enough to let someone into my space. I was completely stuck. I finally realized I could not do it alone. If your roof leaks you hire a professional to take care of the problem. The same principle applies to your organizing needs. I don’t think it’s easy to find someone you can trust to let in so close to your personal space and property but I recommend April wholeheartedly. From the moment she steps into your home, she puts you completely at ease. She works with you to put things in order with patience and precision, gliding right through the process with joy and grace, leaving nothing behind. Soon you see your space completely transformed into how you always wished it to be-the place you look forward to going home to. She is a natural true organizer!

Silvia Pompei
The Simpsons


April Knox rocks!  I think the secret to her success is not just with her organization skills, which are superb, logical and aesthetically pleasing.  She has an approach, an attitude to working with people that is optimistic, encouraging and infectious. Since April has helped me sort out my overwhelming “mountains of stuff”, I want to keep my files and closets in order.  And I’ve become more disciplined in my daily habits – my house is cleaner, I am more relaxed and time is easier to manage.  Another very important aspect of that lovely attitude is that April is totally non-judgmental.  I neither felt criticized for letting things get so bad, nor pressed to get rid of sentimental treasures and yet I have happily given away and discarded quite a lot.  I am forever in April’s debt.

Carla Washburn